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The Import Data Wizard provides a step-by-step guided process to assist you in finding the required data and bringing them into an Excel spreadsheet. 

Using the Import Data Wizard to draw data from Bloomberg into a spreadsheet is easy and efficient.  The macros in the wizard create Bloomberg formulas to deliver three main data types of your choice, which include:

  1. Real-time or current pricing, descriptive fundamental and bulk data by clicking the Market, Reference, Analytical, Data Sets button to start your search in the Import Data Wizard.
  2. Historical time series by clicking the Historical End of Day button to start your search.
  3. Historical intraday data by clicking the Historical Intraday Bars or Historical Intraday Clicks button to begin the search.

For instance, you are looking for historical time series data.  Here are the key steps to draw data using the Import Data Wizard:

Step 1  Select Import Data from the Bloomberg Menu OR click the Import Data icon on the Bloomberg toolbar.
Step 2 In the Select data type window, click the second option: Historical End of Day.
Step 3 Select the security.  If you have multiple or a list if securities, consider typing each ticker followed by the market sector in an Excel spreadsheet.  With these tickers in Excel, the Import Data Wizard lets you choose "Import from a spreadsheet" to upload a list of tickers to the wizard at one go.  This save you time on selecting each security one by one using the security search function in the wizard.
Step 4 Select data fields/variables.
Step 5 Select Period (calendar or fiscal Year) and Time Frame.
Step 6 Set Currency and other History Parameters.
Step 7 Set Pricing Parameters.
Step 8 Set Layout Options, including Field Orientation (vertical or horizontal) and Time Order (chronological or reverse).

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