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To find information for a specific equity in Bloomberg, enter the ticker symbol, press the <EQUITY> key and hit <GO> for the main page.  The main page lists all the functions for your selection to continue the search.

If you know the ticker symbol and command code, you can go directly to the information that you want by typing the ticker symbol followed by the command code, e.g. MSFT US <EQUITY> CF <GO> for corporate filings of Microsoft Corporation.

Below are some of the commonly used command codes for company information.  If you are not sure which code you should use while searching Bloomberg, enter a keyword and wait for the choices given by the Bloomberg system and select the code accordingly.  If none of the choices are relevant, try another keyword or type CU <GO> to go back to the menu page of the security and consider other possible functions thereon.  Alternatively, press the <HELP> key twice to chat real-time with a Bloomberg Help Desk representative.

CODE Respective Information
ANR Analyst recommendations and consensus rating
BQ Equity summary and Bloomberg quote
BRC Analyst and investment bank reports
CACS Corporate action calendar
CN Company news and research
COMP Comparative returns against two other securities or indices        
DES Company/equity description
DVD Dividend/split summary
EE Earnings estimates
EQS Equity screening that helps you create customized equities sets    
ERN Earnings
FA Financial analysis
G Graph templates (Press 1 <Go> to create new charts)
HDS Institutional and insider holdings
GP Historical price graph
HP Historical price table
MA Global merger and acquisition activities
MGMT Management profiles
PPC Peer product comparison
RV Company relative value for customized peer group analysis


Below are some of the commonly used command codes for fundamental and valuation analysis:

CODE Respective Information
BETA Historical volatility of a selected equity compared to a broad based market index
CRP Country risk premium
DDM Intrinsic value of a selected equity using the present value of future cash flows discounted at an appropriate rate
EQRP Equity risk premium
TRA Total return analysis
WACC Weighted average cost of capital

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