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There are two basic ways to find corporate bonds:

  • Bond Search: Type SRCH , fill in the relevant search boxes and click Search for a customized list of bonds.
  • Company Ticker: Enter the company ticker symbol, and   for all bonds issued by the company, then select a specific bond with its ticker on the list to continue the search. For example, enter MSFT  and select the bond, e.g. MSFT 2.95 06/01/14, that you want more information. A bond ticker symbol is made up of three main parts: MSFT=Ticker Symbol of Microsoft Corporation, 2.95=Coupon Rate, 06/01/14=Maturity.

If you know the ticker symbol and command code, you can go directly to the information that you want by typing the ticker symbol followed by the command code, e.g. MSFT 2.95 06/01/14 DES  for the bond description.

To find government bonds, press the  key, type TK and hit  for a list of major government bonds around the world, then select the country and bond type for the bonds in that type, further select the one that you want more information.

Below are some of the commonly used single-security functions.  If you are not sure which code you should use while searching Bloomberg, enter a keyword and wait for the choices given by the Bloomberg system and select the code accordingly.  If none of the choices are relevant, try another keyword or press the  key twice to chat real-time with a Bloomberg Help Desk representative. 


CODE Respective Information
CDSW Credit default swap valuation
CRPR Current and historical ratings for a specific issuer from various rating agencies
CACS Corporate actions
CRAT Bloomberg's company ratings
DES Loan information
HDS Institutional and insider holdings
HP Historical price table
ISSD Quick overview of the financial data and operations of the security issuer
SRCH Government and corporate bond search
TRA Total return analysis
YA Yield analysis
YAS Yield and spread analysis


Below are some of the commonly used command codes for market information:

CODE Respective Information
BANK Selected global bank and broker monitor
BTMM A comprehensive picture of the current interest rate outlook for a selected country
BYFC Bond yield forecasts
CMW Credit market watch charts
GGR Global summary of government bill, note, and benchmark bond rates for individual countries
IYC International yield curves
NIM New issue monitor
RATC Current and historical credit rating changes for various issuers to evaluate the financial security of the issuer
WB World bond markets
YCRV Yield curve analysis

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