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In Orbis type the company name in the search box, select the proper entity if more than one appear, and once the company report is displayed click on Peer Report in the lower right-hand corner. You can also access the Peer Analyses by clicking on "Peer Analyses" on the right-hand tool-bar and then you choose a new set of companies or a saved company file.

In Sabi type the company name in the search box, select the proper entity if more than one appear, click on Peer Report.

In ThomsonOne use the default search page and search on the desired company's name, click on Company Views > Fundamentals > Comparables. Also, use this database to find reports: click on Screening & Analysis, select Research and search for a company or use the "industry" dropdown box to find for an industry. Most industry reports discuss individual competitors. Note: this resource only works in Internet Explorer.

In Factiva click on Companies/Markets from the green band across the top, then click on Company from the white band across the top, search by company name or Ticker. It will appear a snapshot of the company, at the end of the screen will appear "Peer group information", if you want more detailed information, click on Reports on the left and then choose Ratio Comparison Report.

Access these resources via A-Z Databases.

Use Datastream (available in the Financial Room of IESE’s Barcelona Library as well as at the Madrid Library, through Eikon) Prepare a spreadsheet report for a company and its competitors using the datatype WC08001, Market Capitalization.

For a company's relative value vis a vis companies in its industry, use Bloomberg (available in the Financial Room of Barcelona IESE Library. Ask staff for password):

  • Type the company's ticker symbol, hit the EQUITY key, type RV and press GO
  • For the relative value of companies in an industry, type IBQ for an Industry Analysis. Choose an industry and then type RV or choose 1) RV on page 2.

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