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Go to Discovery and search by using keywords like "energy consumption" or "small business". Combine with other keywords to narrow your search.

Go to Energy - European Commission.

For data on Spain, take a look at Energía Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico.

For US data, go to the Energy Information Administration from the U.S. Dept. of Energy.

Statista - quick statistics and articles on the topic (International data).

Use Bloomberg:

Type NRG for the Bloomberg Energy Service.
For location and fuel type of power plants, type the company's ticker symbol, hit the <EQUITY> key, type NRGA.
To pinpoint energy facilities by type on a map, type BMAP and hit <GO>; then, to see those facilities in list form, click on the Energy tab underneath the map.
For OPEC prices and production, type OPEC and hit <GO>.
For crude oil, type CRUD and hit <GO>.
For Proved Oil Reserves, type WOR and hit <GO>.
For natural gas prices, type NGHB and hit <GO>.
For gasoline futures, type XBA then hit the CMDTY key, then type CT and hit <GO>.
For biofuels, type BIOF and hit <GO>.

Also, go to OECD iLibrary.

Use Datastream, a database available from Barcelona and Madrid Libraries (through LSEG Workspace).

- Additional sources:

Energy Efficiency -- By IEA, provides reports, articles with date on the topic.

UN Statistics Division: Energy Statistics -- Provides energy data from statistical agencies throughout the United Nations. Series on energy cover topics such as consumption, exports, imports, and production

Go to to access news, data, and more.

Energy Economics by (This site provides rich data and reports.)

• See also our Guide: Energy Info  

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