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"Market capitalisation" is also known as "market value".

  • For Countries:

- World DataBank: Select CountriesSeries. Type in "capitalization" and select Years.

Passport: Search for Market Capitalisation.

- Bloomberg (available at Barcelona IESE Library Financial room).
Type ALLX WCAU into the command line and press <GO> for a listing of market cap by country.

  • For Index or Exchanges:  

Bloomberg (available at Barcelona IESE Library Financial room).

You can use Bloomberg formula in Excel to retrieve an Index’s Market Capitalization. Here is the formula for your reference:

For Current Index’s Market Capitalization:


 Syntax: =BDP(“ticker”; “field”)

For Historical Index’s Market Capitalization:

=BDH("TPX Index";"INDX_MARKET_CAP";”20180101”;”20190101”;”per=m”;”curr=USD”)

Syntax: =BDH(“ticker”; “field”, “start date”; end date”; periodicity, “currency”)

Datastream (Barcelona and Madrid Libraries only through LSEG Workspace (formerly Refinitiv Workspace). Ask Library staff for password).
See FAQ: How can I access Datastream?

Click on Time Series Request to find an index and select the MV (Market Value) datatype.

Click on the Find Series button to open the Datastream Navigator.

You can search by typing the index name on the search box or you can see a list of all the indexes available clicking on “Choose a single category” and selecting “Equity Indices”.

Click on the Symbol code/s of the index/es you want to add them to the search.

Click on the Datatypes button to choose the Market Value datatype.

Type “Market Value” on the seach box and select the datatype from the results list. Click once in the datatype to see a description. 

Click on the symbol code of the datatype to add them to the search. 

Finally, choose a data range, the frequency and the other options available, and submit the request.

World Federation of Exchanges provides annual, YTD (year-to-date), and monthly statistics on 53 regulated exchanges around the world. Access is free, buy you have to create an account first.

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