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Bloomberg (available in the Financial Room of Barcelona IESE Library. Ask staff for password) collects data on Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors (what Bloomberg refers to as ESG):

  • To screen for a list of companies by environmental, social, and governance variables, type EQS and hit the green GO key. Click on the Fields button. Now, expand the menu for Fundamentals, then Bloomberg Fundamentals. Now, click on ESG to see a list of available variables. Choose a variable of interest and input any metrics you'd like to narrow by. Click on Update, and then hit 1 and the GO key to see your results.
  • To see all environmental, social, and governance factors regarding a specific company, type your company's ticker, then hit the yellow EQUITY key, then type FA and hit the green GO key. For example, to see Exxon Mobil's ESG variables, type XOM [EQUITY] FA [GO]. Once you've opened up this financial analysis page, click on ESG Variables to see a spreadsheet of data.
  • For a broader menu of Environmental, Social, and Governance data available in Bloomberg, type ESGX and hit the green GO key. The Corporate Governance Ratings are from the Corporate Library, Governance Metrics International, and Institutional Shareholder Services. Type a company's ticker symbol, hit the EQUITY key, type "CGOV," and hit the GO key. For example: IBM [EQUITY] CGOV [GO].

Datastream (available in the Financial Room of IESE’s Barcelona Library as well as at the Madrid Library, through Eikon). Provides Asset4 ESG (environment, social and governance) data.

Here are some resources that rate or rank the social responsibility of companies:

Sites that give background information on social responsibility issues and companies, but don't specifically rate or rank companies include:

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